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Help Save Nala

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Organizer: Michael Morris Beneficiary: Michael Morris

Please help save Nala.She's my 2 year old pup that may need a spinal surgical operation. She has a loose vertebrae that has damaged her spine causing paraplegia.The vertebrae must be fused

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My pup Nala has a spinal cord that has caused her to become paralyzed as of Saturday morning March 15, 2014.  It's a rare disorder that small dogs sometimes acquire, and the surgical treatment is very effective but also very expensive.  She is completely paralyzed in the hind legs.  The surgery costs $3,500-4,500 and is needed asap to prevent any further damage to her spine.  Please help me save my dog.  She's only 2 years old and is the cutest little pup.  Absolutely anything will help. I would love to be able to take my best friend for walks again.  Pleae help me save Nala.
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by Michael Morris
Hi everyone, it has been at least a week from the last update.  Nala continues to lack motor control of her legs, but she does feel pain in them.  The hardest part of this ordeal currently is keeping her comfortable in her crate and taking her out for the bathroom, because she has trouble controling her bowel and urinary movements.  She is coping well though, and Nala's steroid treatment is finished so all there is to do now is just hope and pray.  She is scheduled to meet with the neurologist again next week, where he will tell us her prognosis and need for surgery.  Unfortunately, if the neurologist doesn't believe there is any hope on her to be able to walk on her own again, than we will have to fit her to a doggy wheel chair and remodel a few things around the house.  The remainder of the last vet bill was put on a pet credit card, which I must pay off in six months.  I may throw a fundraiser at the Landmark Americana to help pay for any outstanding balances and/or to prepare for the possible surgery.  I want to thank you all for your help.  I would have had to put Nala down if I was not able to get her treated.  I am willing to make accomodations for my best friend's handicap as long as she is not in chronic pain (which she is not).  I wouldn't want people to give up on me if my health/mobility status deemed me as inconvenient to my loved ones.  Fortunately, we all did not give up on Nala.  Regardless if she is ever able to fully walk again, we have given her the opportunity to live her life to her fullest potential.  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to treat my pup.  She is just as happy and go lucky as she used to be before the accident.  Hopefully, she will be able to walk again and we can raise more money for the surgery.  However, even if she does not walk again, she has been given a second chance at life.  The donations gave her the ability to receive top notch treatment and avoid the pain and suffering associated with spinal cord injuries.  From the deepest and warmest parts of my heart, I thank you.  I will post some new pictures of Nala too.  I am in the process of cutting her hair, so she's a little messy.  She definitely doesn't hair cuts too much so I have been doing it in segments.  Thanks!!!!!

by Michael Morris
READ BELOW FIRST:   In addition to this fundraiser, I may be holding a fundraiser at the Landmark Americana on 34th and Market in early May.  By that time we will know for sure whether Nala will be able to walk, which means she will need the surgery, or whether she will be permanently paralyzed, which will mean that home modifications must be made.  I will keep everyone updated with what is going on, let's keep our fingers crossed.  Thanks so much everyone.  

by Michael Morris
     Hi everyone, first I want to thank everyone for the amazing support I've received throughout this hardship.  The flood of calls, donations, shares and assistance has been great.  Donations have been given from around the world and this selfless generosity is a testament to the human spirit.  
   Yesterday I took Nala to the vet, where she got an MRI, IV steroids/painkillers/musclerelaxers and was checked for meningitis.  The MRI's came back different than anticipated.  There is a small bulging of a disc; however, that is not what is suspected of causing the paralysis.  Nala has inherited a deformation of the vertebrae, in which one of the vertebrae within the column does not fit in with the others in the column.  This misalignment/malformation causes the vertebrae to be loose and able to hit the spinal cord.  The vet believes that Nala may have contorted herself or jumped the wrong way (or possibly had something fall on her) that caused the vertebrae to bruise the spinal cord.  The spinal cord is compressed right now due to an inflamatory response to the bruising.  This swelling is causing the paralysis, which is why she is on steroids (to inhibit the inflamatory response).  If Nala is to regain motor function in her back legs, than the surgery to fuse the lose vertebrae to two other sturdy vertebrae must be performe.  
     Unfortunately, this surgery is a thousand dollars more expensive than the disc herniation surgery, because implants are necessary to stabilize the column.  For now, the treatment is like most spinal cord injuries, and the long-term damage cannot be accurately assessed until the three/four week period is up.  The goal for the next month is to prevent inflamation, which is causing the present damage to her spinal cord.  Nala retains some feeling in her back paws, and has slight control of the bladder.   The spinal cord is intact; however, the inflamation and initial trauma may have caused enough damage to make her permanently parapelegic.  If Nala is to regain motor function of her hind legs than she will NEED the surgery.  If she does not regain the motor function than we will have to arrange a doggy wheel chair for her, and a ramp in the yard.  
     Currently, the vet bills have exceeded $3,000 (the visit within the past 24 hours is exactly $3,074).  I have a copy of the medical bills as a photo in the photos section. (Also, MRI pictures can be posted but I cannot view them from my mac, so I need to wait until I have access to a PC to post them).  The treatment for Nala right now is to keep her immobile and to relieve the swelling.  This means helping her empty her bladder (need be) outside, and comforting her while she is in a crate until she becomes comfortable with the situation.  Thankfully, the Dr. said that Nala is not in deep pain from the injury itself, and that the crying may have to do with the meds, anxiety that she cannot move around and the uncomfortability of going to the bathroom in her current state.  
     For now, Nala is being comforted 24/7 and is in good hands.  All of this would not have been possible if it was not for the generous donations sent in by such an amazing group of people.  Without donors Nala would have never been able to get any treatment, and I would have been forced to put down my dog at such a very young age.  The vet believes that Nala has the potential to be a happy dog with a long life, even if she does not regain the ability to walk.  It is a fact that without the donations, my family and I could not afford the vet trips and the medicine which is inhibiting the inflamatory response.  If it weren't for donors than Nala would have no chance to walk again, because lack of steroids and medication would result in permanent paralysis.  All of the caring individuals that donated and shared this fundraiser have given Nala the chance to walk again.  All we can do now is wait to see whether she regains functioning.  
     If Nala regains the slightest functioning in her legs than the vet suggests performing the operation.  I will continue to fundraise until we know the exact prognosis of Nala's condition.  The surgery is an additional $4,000, and if she does not regain functioning, than I will have to build a ramp for her to go outside and build large fence, and purchase a dogy wheel chair for Nala (all of which will be quite expensive).  And if donations happen to ever exceed Nala's needs (which does not seem likey right now) than all additional funds would go directly to another dog on the petcaring site who is in need of urgent medical attention.
     But for now, we can keep her in our hopes and prayers, I will give information on how she is doing several times a week.  Again, thank you everyone.  I would have had to put down my dog if I could not afford Nala's medical bills.  I would like to thank you all individually, and can do so by searching through the donor names through the WePay system.  For now, we can continue to share this fundraiser to our friends and keep our fingers crossed.  Thanks again.  Love you all.

-Mike Morris

by Michael Morris
Hey everyone I need to thank you all so much for the flood of support.  I started sending the link out last night at 11 o'clock at night (Sunday night) and it really has taken off.  This is such an amazing response, thank you so much.  I'm going to post new photos soon of Nala, although they will be in her current paralyzed condition.  I am going to keep the current image of Nala as the profile picture as a symbol of what she can be like after treatment.  Again thank you so much for the support and the donations.  Please keep spreading the word too.  The generosity you all have shown really is a testament to the goodness in humanity. I was able to sleep last night knowing that I am not alone in this.  Thanks so much





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