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Help Baby Bridget and Other Needy Animals

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Organizer: Katie Beneficiary: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption

Bridget was saved from craigslist after being abused and burned with bleach by her previous owner. Unleashed rescued her last night and are ensuring she gets all the care and love she needs!

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Look at what some horrible excuse for a human did to innocent, little Bridget!!! 
We rescued her litter off of Craigslist yesterday. They were on an ad that a friend of the owner posted, saying they were being abused and needed rescue!!
We instantly agreed to rescue them. When they arrived, 2 of them checked out ok, but little Bridget here was rushed to the emergency vet, VCA Mission Med Vet!! 
She has sustained chemical burns to her entire face and head!! The burns travel down her esophagus and into her internal organs!!!! The vets think it was bleach!! 
To top off the situation, she has a metal object in her stomach that appears to be a nut! 
Was she that starved that she resorted to eating metal? Who knows...and where are the rest of the litter? A lab doesn't usually have just 3 pups. Horrifying to say the least . 
We are doing everything in our power to pursue the abuser legally!!! 
Right now, little Bridget, who was named so because it means strength and hope, needs OUR HELP!! 
She was scoped earlier, has IV drugs and fluids going, has a feeding tube inserted directly to her chemically burned stomach, X-rays, and is being taken care of by specialists in their fields. 
She is undergoing emergency surgery to remove the metal from her stomach this morning. 
Her care is extremely intensive and it will be a miracle if she survives!!!

The low estimate for her care is around $5000 and the high estimate is unknown right now because we don't know what else is going on with her frail, burned body. 
Please, please share this with your friends and help precious Bridget by donating!

We will keep everyone updated. Thank you all from all of us and little, burned Bridget 


by Katie
<img src="" alt="Bridget" width="350" height="328" border="0">

GOOD NEWS! Today was the day that our Baby Bridget went HOME! Here she is with her new family (including an Unleashed alum). We are so happy for her and we are equally as thankful for all of her wonderful supporters that helped her heal so quickly! Welcome home, Bridget! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

by Katie
<img src="" alt="Bridget" width="355" height="250">
Bridget had a photo shoot with one the professional photographers that takes pictures of our dogs. Doesn't she look great? I'll get some more posted soon.

by Katie
Bridget's foster mom has been loving and spoiling her since she got her. Here is a blog entry from her with lots of chronologically updates via photos and video on her: Bridget's blog

by Katie
Since Bridget came under Unleashed's wing the only she has to worry about is which toy to play with first.

Video: Bridget playing with her new toys

by Katie
Bridget is doing so well in foster care. Her foster mom has sent videos of her playing with toys and nesting on her dog bed and I'm working on how to get them uploaded here so you can all see how wonderfully she's doing. For now here she is napping in her new ride.

<img src="" alt="Smiley face" width="250" height="175">

by Katie
Here are a couple of pictures of Bridget checking out all of her new gifts. She can't believe it's all for her!

<img src="" alt="Bridget" width="400" height="325">

<img src="" alt="Bridget" width="375" height="300">

She also had to have her wounds debrided yesterday. She is taking it like a champ. Here she is after the procedure.

<img src="" alt="Bridget" width="400" height="350">

by Katie
<img src="" alt="Bridget" width="450" height="342"> Little Bridget visited the eye specialist today. We will have more news about her check up later. 
The vets are currently debriding her face right now... Ouch!!! 
Please keep little Bridgie in your thoughts! 

by Katie
<img src="" alt="Bridget" width="300" height="250">
Bridget is still doing great at her foster mom's house. She was even feeling well enough to "help" with the laundry as you see here! 

Thank you all for your unbelieavable support!! We'll continue to keep you updated on her progress!

by Katie
Baby Bridget went to work with her awesome foster mommy yesterday and was a complete angel!! She had visitors all day!! 
Foster mommy says she was able to open her mouth more today and yawn for the first time!! 
We were able to see inside her mouth and the corner tip of her tongue is burned off. Her mouth is full of sores, her lips and cheeks are still swollen, and her whole muzzle is scabby and burned on the inside and out but healing well. Foster mommy is blending her food up for her since she can't chew yet and she's sucking it up pretty well. She's eating about 5 times a day. 
Bridget is very sweet and cuddly but does duck down and shy away when you go to pet her because she is scared that someone is going to hit her.  
She is tolerating her meds that she has to take as well as her face cleanings. 
Her eyes are healing and she is able to open them a little more now. 
Little Bridgie doesn't like to be left alone at all and is sleeping with her foster mommy in bed.  
Our little baby is getting all the love possible right now and healing every minute! 
Bridget would not be alive today if it weren't for all of YOU!!
Bridget and all of us here at Unleashed could not be more thankful for the outpouring of support! Bridget's medical bills are fully covered with your donations and we thank you! 

by Katie
<img src=";oe=5307BEF5" alt="Bridget" width="344" height="302">
Bridget is resting comfortably in her foster's home! We are currently accepting adoption applications for her and her sisters. 

We cannot believe the response we have received! Thank you all so much for your unbelievable generosity. As previously stated all of Bridget current treatment costs have been covered. Everything we receive from here on out will fund her follow up health care costs and the costs of all the other "Bridgets" that cross our path, a few of those who we have already helped can be seen below. We consistently help animals in need and have one of the highest rescue rates of parvo and heartworm infested dogs in the state! Please know your donation will help save and provide care to animals in need!

<img src=";oe=53078DA5" alt="Bridget" width="344" height="362">

by Katie
Thank you all so much for your tremendous support. We are in awe of the generosity we have seen over these past couple of days. Bridget's current treatment so far has been covered and any excess will be put towards her future follow up care and the other animals we care for. Unleashed has a long history of taking in abused and neglected animals and assuring they receive proper medical care and a loving home. We will be posting pictures of Bridget from today soon. 

by Katie
For those wondering about Bridget's siblings they are doing well in foster care together. Fidget and Gidget are playing together are happy to be in a loving, warm home after being left out in the fierce winter storms Kansas City had last week.

 <img src="" alt="Fidget and Gidget" width="250" height="250">

They will be available for adoption in 2 weeks, while Bridget will still need longer to heal from her injuries. You can fill out an application to adopt any of them here.

by Katie
Baby Bridget had her feeding tube removed because she was eating on her own!!! The vets were astonished with how quickly she is recovering!! 

We are making the appointment with the ophthalmologist for today to get her precious little eyes checked out, but as you can see, she has them open and can see!! We were afraid she would lose her vision!!
<img src="" alt="bridget" width="250" height="242"> 
Bridget and the rest of us here at Unleashed, cannot thank all of our friends enough for the overwhelming support we have received. 
Thanks to you Bridget's hospital bills are covered!! We will keep this donation page open and will apply any extra toward the care of neglected and abused pets that come our way. (Like Nexie, our pregnant pit bull being sold on Craigslist who needed an emergent c-section because her uterus ruptured!)

Please keep sharing and bringing awareness toward this horrid act! 

by Katie
Bridget has had a great day. She was able to go home with one of our loving fosters today for lots of TLC. She'll still need a considerable amount of follow up care and we're still waiting to hear the extent of the damage to her eyes but she's doing great compared to when we got her. She still has her feeding tube in and will need it for at least two weeks so that her throat can rest and heal from all of the burns. 

Thank you all for your support! We wouldn't be able to help Bridget or any if the abused animals we come across without your help!  Update on Bridget

by Katie

Thank you all so much for your generosity. We will keep you updated on Bridget's status as soon as we can.

Should we surpass the $8000 goal, know that your donations will still go to benefit homeless animals in need. Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption has a long history of helping the animals in need throughout the Kansas City Area. They almost exclusively pull dogs from the city's high kill Animal Control shelter to give them a second chance at life. Unleashed covers all of the vaccines, spaying,neutering, vetting, and any other treatment (i.e. heartworm treatment) the dogs may need when they come to Unleashed. Unleashed operates solely off of donations and provides a priceless service to the animals of Kansas City. 

Unleashed Saves 32 dogs from deserted foreclosed home

Unleashed saves dog with embedded collar

Unleashed helps starved and dehyrdrated dog abandoned in garage

Unleashed Helps Dog Stuck in Fence

by Katie
The local news stations have been wonderful and all covered Bridget on their shows last night. Here are the links to the stories. Thank you again for all of your support!

KCTV5's story on Bridget

KMBC's story on Bridget

41 Action News' story on Bridget

Fox4's story on Bridget

by Katie

by Katie

Thank you all so much for your donations!! Sweet baby Bridget is doing ok after surgery!! We are so happy she survived the procedure!! She's a fighter! Please keep her in your thoughts! She has a long road ahead. We underestimated how extensive the damage to her eyes was and tomorrow she'll be seen by an opthalmologist to assess the damage. Unfortunately that means her estimated care has been bumped up to around $8000. Poor girl!

We have a video of her that we're working on uploading soon. 

Some local news stations have picked up her story as well and we'll be updating with links to the stories as we get them. Thank you all again!





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