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Lawton Lucky - Hit By Car

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Organizer: Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue Beneficiary: Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Lucky from Lawton was seen being hit by a car. He has a broken back femur, a smashed pelvis and a broken fibula.

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Update January 15, 2014

Our adorable little boy, Lawton Lucky, has had all of his necessary surgeries.  One femur fracture, two sacroiliac pelvic fractures and a ruptured prepubic tendon.  WHEW!

The orthopedic surgeries were all done on Tuesday in a marathon session - plates and screws going everywhere.

The ruptured prepubic tendon was repaired this morning.

So far, everything is looking good.  Keep those prayers coming.  The staff at GCVS continue to say this is one of the worst HBC they've seen in a long time.

UPDATE January 13, 2014

Well, little Lawton Lucky has been described by GCVS as "a VERY involved case - one of the worst hit by car's I've seen in years, poor guy."

The amazing Dr. Brian Beale, probably the best orthopedic surgeon in Texas if not the US, evaluated LL as soon as he got in today.  

Not only does LL have a snapped-in-two femur, he has TWO sacroiliac subluxations, a broken fibula and a  prepubic tendon rupture, which is the tendon that makes up the wall of the stomach area.  GULP.  DOUBLE GULP.

This is a BROKEN boy.  Not unexpected when you know he was hit by a car going 50 miles per hour, but still!

Because he is such a difficult case, Dr. Beale decided to wait and start on him early in the morning.  Good choice.

So, folks, we have a lot of work to do to get this boy fixed.  We need YOUR help to spread the word and help us get the donations to put this little humpty dumpty back together again.

Update January 11, 2014

Well, folks the news is not good.  There are likely THREE, not one, bones that will need to be repaired.

The femur, of course, which is entirely snapped in two.

Then two pelvic fractures that resulted in a sacroiliac subluxation.

GULP.  These surgeries are $2500-$3000 EACH.

The petcaring is set at the lower end for these surgeries - which we'll need by the time we pick him up.  If it will be more, Dr. Beale will tell me Monday.

Can we do this?  Can we make it happen for him?

Please consider a donation for this adorable one.

January 8, 2014
The original plea for help came from a facebook post in Lawton, OK.

<img title="Lawton Lucky3" src="" alt="Lawton Lucky3" width="139" height="244" border="0">


“This guy was chasing cars on Rogers lane west about 1/2 mile from the Fort Sill Blvd exit.

I put on my blinkers and on foot tried to get him to get out of the street.
He seemed to think that I was playing chase and was hit pretty hard by a car doing at least 50.
His back legs were hurt bad but I bet that he can recover.
I called 911 and an officer took him in the back of his cruiser.
He did not have a collar but looked to have been groomed within a couple of weeks. He has a very good temperament.
If you know him, this is the Lawton PD’s non-emergency number. They should know where he was sent.”


Thankfully, a good samaritan and huge dog lover in immediately went to animal control and convinced them to allow this little dog to get to a vet.

Lucky too, because by the time he got there, he was in bad shape. 

His gums were pale, his body temp was 97.7, heart rate was 180, obvious bruising on his belly area.

<img title="Lawton Lucky2" src="" alt="Lawton Lucky2" width="244" height="244" border="0">


<img title="Lawton Lucky" src="" alt="Lawton Lucky" width="184" height="244" border="0">


And he was going into shock.

The vet stabilized him over the next couple of days and we started making a plan with the good samaritan, Sharleen, that saved his life.

Truly, had she not gotten him to the vet that night, he easily could have been found dead the next morning.

X-rays show that his pelvis is broken in two places, his left femur is totally snapped and his left fibula is fractured. 

He also has a right sacroiliac subluxation.  WOW.  Poor little guy.

<img title="Lawton Lucky X-ray2" src="" alt="Lawton Lucky X-ray2" width="184" height="244" border="0">

He strengthened over the next two days and we arranged for him to go to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists for surgery.

Sharleen is driving all the way from Lawton, OK to Houston just to save his life.

On Friday afternoon, Mr Lawton Lucky said good bye to the wonderful vet, Dr. Fiorello, at Hergenrether Animal Hospital.

<img title="Lucky and Dr Firoillo" src="" alt="Lucky and Dr Firoillo" width="184" height="244" border="0">


and Sharleen loaded him up and headed to Houston

<img title="Leaving for Houston" src="" alt="Leaving for Houston" width="186" height="246" border="0">


We are still in serious need of funds for Lawton Lucky.

Please click the link above to donate or

send a check to

Lawton Lucky
P O Box 7728
Houston, TX  77270

It is possible that the surgery costs less than we anticipate.  If you donate and you want your donation to go ONLY to Lawton Lucky, please include a comment with your donation.  If not, and you are ok with it, we may apply any overage to another needy dog like Thumbelina, Stash, Westcott or Bailey.

Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to saving the lives of shih tzu and lhasa apsos and finding wonderful homes for them.

The unbelievable volunteers in this organization book over 50,000 hours of time each year doing nothing but the tasks needed to save as many tzu and lhasa apsos as possible.

Funds donated for the dogs listed here are earmarked for their care, but at times, we get more than is actually needed (rarely.)  In the event that we do collect more funds than is necessary, those funds will be used for another needy dog.  If you do not want your personal donation to be used for another dog, simply include a note when you are making your donation that you would like your donation refunded if not needed for this specific dog.



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