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Free Roaming Cats of South Newton Twp, PA

$5,295raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: PAWS Beneficiary: Free Roaming Cats of South Newton Twp

Raising funds to implement a managed Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return program for South Newton Township free-roaming and feral cat population.

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The cats of South Newtown Township. PA have been saved from plans to Trap and Kill them.  Now they need your support to help raise funds to start the implementation of Trap Neuter Vaccinate and Return within the community.  Plans are underway to start providing spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations within the community. 

The petition that helped save the cats has garnered over 14,000 signatures from all over the world.

In addition to the funding needed for TNR, many kittens and cats may require additional medical care and many kittens and cats will be cycled through foster and adoption programs. 

Also, while many supplies are available additional traps, recovery cages, supplemental food and shelters may need to be purchased.  All donations will be applied to South Newton Township cats TNR management needs. 

Components of a managed Trap Neuter Return program

  • A humane, non-lethal sterilization method to reduce the numbers of free-roaming cats in an environment both immediately and for the long-term.
  • A comprehensive, ongoing program in which stray and feral cats already living outdoors are humanely trapped, vaccinated, and sterilized.
  • Kittens and tame adults are placed with foster and adoption programs when available.
  • Healthy adult cats too feral to be adopted are returned to their familiar habitat under the supervision of a caretaker.
  • Cats that are ill or injured beyond recovery are not returned to the environment.
  • Cats have an ear tip removed for immediate identification purposes as a sterilized cat existing in a managed colony. 

Advantages of Trap Neuter Return

  • The breeding cycle is stopped. Altered cats that are returned to their original location protect the territory and prevent cats from neighboring territories from moving in. The end result is that the colony decreases in size over time through a process of natural attrition.
  • Because they are altered, vaccinated and cared for on a daily basis, the cats are healthy, thus reducing public health concerns. Rabies is no longer a concern.
  • Altered cats create less noise due to the reduction of fighting and elimination of mating behaviors. Neutered males have less of an urge to mark their territory by spraying and their urine has less odor. This reduces nuisance calls to the city.
  • Altered cats roam less and are less visible in the community.
  • TNR lowers euthanasia rates by reducing shelter intake of cats.
  • Keeping some cats in the area allows for continued rodent control.
  • TNR is a sustainable, long-term solution. It is an option that takes time, but produces lasting results.
  • TNR mobilizes a dedicated volunteer force.
  • Because TNR is humane and life affirming, and reduces euthanasia, it demonstrates the Township is a progressive, informed entity in dealing with this problem. 

PAWS, P.O. Box 855, Camp Hill, PA  17011 -  717-957-8122 box 1

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The first TNR clinic for free-roaming cats of South Newton Township cats was held on Saturday.  It was a huge success with 36 cats being spay/neutered and 4 additional cats receiving updated rabies vaccinations.  In addition, three of the cats from the clinic will be taken through the PAWS foster program and a kitten not yet neutered will be, as well.  Once those kitties are cleared for adoption we’ll post the photos so we can find them forever indoor homes since they are super friendly (and super cute!). It was a fantastic day all around.  Many volunteers came out to help with the clinic and enjoyed the day knowing they were helping save lives.

On a fabulous note our partner Ally Cat Allies has generously agreed to sponsor thirty of the surgeries from Saturday.  THANK YOU Alley Cat Allies!!!  This is wonderful news.  This will allow even more cats to be helped in South Newton twp. 

Ongoing efforts for South Newton TNR include 5 monthly S/N appointments at the PAWS TNR clinic located in Chambersburg and the next mass trapping will be for the PAWS October 4 TNR clinic which will be held in Swatara Twp. Additional onsite TNR clinics will be held in South Newton area once we can find a location to hold the clinic.  Saturday’s clinic was held outside the township at a private residence, which we deeply appreciate everything this family has done for these cats. 

A successful TNR management project like South Newton twp requires that spay/neuter surgeries continue to happen on a regular basis.  With attention and care South Newton will be a success story! 

Ways to help: 
Local volunteers to continue to monitor and trap colonies
Local volunteers to store traps and supplies
Local volunteers to help at TNR clinics and/or transport to and from clinics
Local volunteers to foster adoptable cats/kittensVolunteers to mentor others in TNR basics and foster caregiving
Donate an building with electricity and running water for future TNR clinics
Run a supply drive for food, sheets, bowls, etc for South Newton twp kitties

The free-roaming cats of South Newton Twp are on their way to a safe and secure future.  Caregivers will be mentored and given support for managing their colonies in the years to come.  The community will be known as a progressive township with compassionate residents making humane choices. 

Thank you to each of you for your support!  You are a very big part of this TNR project! 



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<img title="South Newton twp cat, neuter surgery" src="" alt="Dr. Hoffman performing neuter surgery" width="110" height="87"><img title="Volunteer Loretta monitors kitties" src="" alt="volunteer monitoring cats recovering from surgery " width="110" height="87"><img title="Dr. Hoffman and volunteers celebrating " src="" alt="End of clinic day " width="110" height="87">

<img style="vertical-align: baseline;" title="We made our goal! $5,000" src="" alt="Goal Reached photo of kitty" width="1200" height="800">


Let’s get ready to Spay/Neuter!!!  Volunteers trapped 20 cats yesterday.  They were out first thing this morning, trapping towards our goal of 30 kitties for our first clinic tomorrow. <img style="float: right;" title="Trapped South Newton Cat waiting till surgery day " src="" alt="Trapped South Newton Cat" width="110" height="87">

Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to Save the Cats of South Newton Twp. 

PS – still $75 short of our goal amount.  It would be wonderful to start the clinic tomorrow knowing we reached our trapping goal and our fundraising goal.  If you can please donate and please share!  THANK YOU!

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Today is a good day for the cats of South Newton Twp, trapping has begun.  Woohoo!  Saturday is surgery day.  Each cat will be spayed or neutered and vaccinated.  After the appropriate time to recover the cats will be returned to their home outdoors, in a managed colony by loving caretakers.  
It's ironic that on the very weekend the Township supervisors orginally authorized the trap and kill approach, that the cats are getting the help and solution they need - Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return!!!!
Thank you all for helping to save the cats of South Newton Twp. 

ps - here's a picture of sweet Creamsicle, a kitten from South Newton.  She's gotten the medical help she needed (thanks to YOU) and she's recovering in a caregivers home.  Fingers crossed she'll make a complete recovery. <img title="Creamsicle - kitten " src="" alt="kitten from south newton twp" width="960" height="720">


WOW!!!!  We've raised over $4,000 in four days!!! 
A group of volunteers is headed to South Newton today to develop a plan for the first Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return clinic to be held on September 7. 

<img title="South Newton mom cat and kittens" src="" alt="Mama kitty nursing kittens" width="144" height="144">





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