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Emergency intake fund for BERETTA the Blue Girl hit by a car

$1,140raised of $1,360 goal

Organizer: NMDOG Beneficiary: NMDOG BERETTA

BERETTA, a girl terribly hurt & alone on the side of the road until her heroes came...

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I received the call late Thursday afternoon (3/27/14), from the Rio Rancho shelter...about a Pittie girl that had been hit by a car the night before. She had sustained injuries that would have slated her for euthanasia unless rescue was found. A Sandoval County Sheriffs Deputy happened upon her, as did Sandoval County Sheriff Wood. Both officers waited with the dog, securing her from further injury until animal control arrived, then transported her to the Evet.

The beautiful Blue Pittie girl was given a brief exam, immediately placed on pain meds & made comfortable for the night. No xrays were done, but it was suspected that she suffered a broken leg. The next morning, she was transported to the Rio Rancho shelter & that's when staff got busy reaching out on her behalf. They checked all lost dog reports, nothing. She was posted on the websites & even the Sheriff Dept's fb page, no one came forward for her. By the time we were contacted, all options for her had been exhausted. I told them I would pick her up first thing in the morning.

When I first met BERETTA in her shelter run, she hobbled to the other end. She was unable to use or bear any weight on her front right leg, I noticed the road rash on her chin & blood in her run (she was in heat). We approached from the outside entrance of her run & she leaned into the leash...ready to go! It was then that I noticed what good body condition she was in (about the same time I picked her up to carry her down the stairs, lol)...ok, so she's a little plump ;) I knew right away that a diet was at the top of our list in order for her to properly recover from her injuries. I loaded her up & headed to the clinic! Upon exam we noted slight trauma to her left eye & the xrays clearly showed neck trauma (compression of the vertebrae), but luckily no fractures!! She suffered a severe hit to the right front leg resultiing in radial nerve paralysis, which has rendered her leg unresponsive.

We named her BERETTA because we're pretty sure she's made of steel...but she is still such a softy LoVeMuffin of a Pittie!!

BERETTA will undergo a regimen of Prednisone, antibiotics, pain meds, mild physical therapy & weight loss while we give her body time to sort some things out on its own. She is scheduled for a recheck on 3/13/14 & at that time if usage of her leg has not substantially increased, we will opt to amputate. Currently she is in medical boarding at the clinic where she will remain until an appropriate foster home is found. 

If you are interested in fostering this amazing, gentle & affectionate girl, please visit this link to submit our foster application Until BERETTA has reached a point in her medical rehab to get a clear assessment, she will need to be the only dog. All of her care will be provided by NMDOG & our foster parents have the full support of the NMDOG TEAM. Please consider opening your home & heart if you are able, because to this will make all the difference in the world! 

If BERETTA looks familar to you, please contact us immediately at (505)886-1PAW! We believe she may have a family out there that misses her. It is pretty clear that at one point, she was very well cared for. Any claim of ownership will be screened through NMDOG. We would love more than anything to see BERETTA reunite with a family that adores her & vice versa...& it seems to me when I look into her eyes, that she is missing someone too. 

As you can see, BERETTA has a wonderful chance at making a full recovery, with the help of her Village & our amazing medical TEAM! At this point, we are hoping for the best, while planning for the worst! Here is how the breakdown of BERETTAS expenses look so far: 

total $1360 (initial chip in has been adjusted to reflect this amt) 

  • 911 intake treatment including xrays $300.
  • basic intake vetting (spay, vaccs, HW test, microchip, etc) $200. 
  • medical boarding at $15/day for 2 wks (through recheck 3/13/14) $210
  • 1 bag of special Fat Dog food ;) $50 
  • possible front leg amputation (not including hospitalizaion) $600 

THANK YOU to everyone that rallied together for BERETTA upon intake, meeting her initial chip amt of $500 in record time! An NMDOG all paws high! 

There are some other things that BERETTA has also expressed an interest know how these Blue Pittie Princesses can be ;) BERETTAS fave colors are pink & black! She would like a nice soft, ortho dog bed to help her heal comfortably, her very own blankie, soft toys & something solid to help her pass the time at the clinic. She loves treats, but they must be of the low fat variety! BERETTA will also need a pretty (large) collar, harness & leash of her very own. Oh & an elevated bowl set would be wonderful to ease the strain on her neck (but sized to fit in a clinic run). Any of these things can be mailed in or dropped off at the clinic (info below). 

You can help us in the ability to carry out our important Mission by making a tax deductible donation via the CHIP IN link included in this note, or by visiting our website 
Donations can be called in directly to the NMDOG acct at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic (505)884-3200.
You can also mail in a donation or care package for BERETTA to the address below:

7820 Enchanted Hills Blvd. ste A-112
Rio Rancho, NM 87144 

NMDOG is a 501(c)3 non profit, NM registered charity & all donations are tax deductible. NMDOG is an ALL VOLUNTEER rescue organization. This means that every cent of every dollar goes directly to the dogs in our care & those in our Outreach Program. We rely soley on the generosity of those that support this important work. Without you, we are nothing. Without NMDOG, many have nothing & good dogs like BERETTA would die. Please help us be there for the next Forgotten Dog in need! 

Thank you to everyone that supports our work & from BERETTA, a girl terribly hurt & alone on the side of the road until her heros came! Thank you to everyone involved in her second chance; Sandoval County Sheriff Dept, Sandoval County Animal Control, Rio Rancho Animal Control & shelter staff, our amazing medical TEAM & of course....her Village! TEAMwork saves lives & BERETTA for one, is really glad about that! 

From all of us at NMDOG & the Dogs we serve...thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We are able to do what we do because of YOU! NMDOG is an all volunteer, foster based, 501(c)3 DOG RESCUE operating soley on the generous donations of those that support our Mission! We are fueled by our LOVE of DOG. Without you, we are nothing. Without NMDOG, many have nothing. Thank you for enabling us to make a difference for so many!

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