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Help rescued strays in need of veterinarian care

€430raised of €1,300 goal

Organizer: Gabriella Becchina *Animalsicilia* Beneficiary: Gabriella Becchina *Animalsicilia*

Donating to AnimalSicilia helps strays in need. This particular fundraising event is to pay the last bit of 5 rescues' veterinarian expenses: Ciccio-Baldo-Filippo-Peppa-Scimi. They're now doing GREAT!

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Animalsicilia – founded in Castelvetrano (Sicily) by Gabriella Becchina – for the defense of animals, a better coexistence with people, growing knowledge about animals, and collaboration with authorities, charities and volunteers dedicated to the cause.

There is currently a "straydom" emergency in Castelvetrano and all of Sicily, as mismanagement and the economic crisis have hit public administrations forcing them to close down a number of kennels including their regular publicly funded sterilization campaign of strays (in Italy btw there is no euthanasia, all animals must be saved, sterilized, released or adopted if healthy and tame, held if sick or potentially aggressive) and to cut their support of shelters, foster care, rescue and adoption organizations. Even before the crisis hit, though, we were already facing a straydom emergency, not as bad as now, but bad enough: pet owners oftentimes do not spay/neuter their dogs or cats down south in Italy, which leads to many abandoned litters.

Therefore, every volunteer in Castelvetrano and surrounding area has now automatically turned into a rescuer and foster parent for strays who are often puppies, or hurt or sick dogs and cats. Rescueing first hand, as you may know, requires immense amounts of time and money. Volunteers like Animalsicilia (Gabriella rescues, fosters, finds adoptions, informs pet owners, helps other rescuers find immediate help and veterinarian care with a discount, does free consulting for public admin, etc) collaborate with non-profit organizations, shelters, and lots is done together: hundreds of dogs leave Castelvetrano every year to find new families (only a small percentage is sent into further foster care - we love our dogs and want what's best for them, always).

Fundraising campaigns are launched any minute to save furry lives, when their injured bodies need surgery or specialized care. Animalsicilia promotes awareness campaigns amongst citizens as well as all of the above by organizing successful monthly events in Castelvetrano entitled "A(ni)mali" (Love Them - a play on words: Animali = animals / Amali = love them). Yet there is no end to emergencies, whereas we reached the true end of our funds.

There isn’t any local fauna Gabriella-Animalsicilia hasn’t saved or adopted personally or contributed to saving. Further, Animalsicilia's shelter in Castelvetrano comprises an average of 20 furballs (cats and dogs) at all times, and Gabriella also looks after preybirds nesting on site too.

Support Gabriella's vocation and passion, and her effective efforts in favor of the souls she, and many volunteers in Castelvetrano, Sicily, come across and look after on a daily basis. This first fundraiser is dedicated to Ciccio-Baldo-Filippo-Peppa-Scimi, five rescues who are now doing great but whose veterinarian bills are in part still unpaid
, despite the generous discount applied by the clinicians. Bottom line, unless these expenses are settled, it will be hard or impossible getting other recent rescues checked out, and given up for adoption.

To learn more about the details of this fundraiser event (itemized veterinarian expenses), please visit

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Note on the video we posted: Clara was rescued by a local volunteer, Loreta, from the street on 13SEP13 with a fractured hip. On 21SEP we were able to contribute to her surgery paying it in full thanks to a successul facebook-based fundraising event. We have since found Clara a new family who'll be adopting her on November 24, as she still needs to stay in the care of her foster mommy-rescuer Loreta for another bit. Today, 21OCT Clara walked on her 4 legs for the first time! Clara's fundraiser was launched and closed and is one of many examples of what we do.
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by Gabriella Becchina *Animalsicilia*
30OCT13 Dear Supporters, Thank you so much for your help so far. To this day we have raised €415 on petcaring (€481,42 net of incoming donation fees on our paypal account from direct donations too), with 22 days to go! Still need to raise €885 through petcaring, and our veterinarian clinic is only doing new treatments now against cash payments (albeit discounted), while we wait to CLOSE THEIR FIRST SEMESTER 2013 BILL! Which means we go to them for inexpensive vaccine shots for pets with confirmed foster care solutions or adoptions, for pet passports if travelling to Northern Italy or abroad to their new families. Which also means that for any weightier or emergency vet care, we drive 50km to the closest vet available at any hour, the only credit-oriented one left for us volunteers, as we did on Sunday morning 7am for an emergency surgery on a stray, same at midnight Saturday for emergency stitches on an mauled girl dog I first had to clean up which ended up in a gentle splashfest or common bath depending on one's viewpoint and hourlong cleaning afterwards (do the math, how many hours sleep do we get in that charity branch?), same on Monday with a puppy freshly abandoned at a factory entrance who got severely hurt by the automatic gate opening, and today Tuesday I'm only rescueing 12 puppies, an abandoned litter, from the street, needing to reinforce the only available enclosed space I could dedicate to any new arrival let alone pups, who they too will need shots soon, etc, while again, we wait for the city to open the new City Shelter. What I'm trying to explain, crazy me you might think, is that the situation is extreme, but it will improve soon as the City's organizing a novel approach to rescue operations (the only town in the whole of the Trapani province to do so, and thanks to the support and collaboration of us volunteers), and YOUR HELP IS THE ONLY RESOURCE WE HAVE LEFT IN THE TRANSITION. My goal, €1300, is only for past vet care related to 4 dog + 1 cat rescued in the first half of the year, who are now doing well and of which 1 has found a new home! There's daily rescueing going on on my part and other volunteers'... There are weekly departures of adopted pets we find new homes for up North and whose travel costs we often have to cover as adopting parents will rescue but oftentimes cannot contribute to other expenses. Figures? Over 500 strays on the streets of Castelvetrano and related beach towns alone, over 500 strays in private shelters and volunteers' shelters like mine and temporary foster care, and an average of 300 adoptions a year... We are rescueing off the streets, getting them vet care, sterilizations, finding adoptions, we are doing all we can and promoting massive stray sterilization campaigns across the board, amongst private dog owners who'll suppress or abandon unwanted litters and at town councils level, and we will see a difference in diminishing stray numbers in a couple of years based on data, surveys and our past experience prior to the City Kennel closing for structural issues. IN THE MEANTIME, CONSIDER CHIPPING IN, EVEN A LITTLE, AND SHARE WITH PET LOVING FRIENDS AND FAMILY AS EVERY BIT WILL HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Thank YOU IMMENSELY! Gabriella (Animalsicilia, Castelvetrano, Trapani, Sicily)

by Gabriella Becchina *Animalsicilia*
A big big Thank you to our supporters Ana y Julia, from NYC, Peppino from Marsala (Sicily), Mary, Tucker and Rosetta from USA, Anna from Sweden! We have reached €265 including direct donations on paypal (not through petcaring) towards our €1300 goal! Grazie dear friends! The first 150 from yesterday went straight to the vet, one invoice balance paid (eye!) and the rest will too. Every day, every donation goes straight to the vet, so we can keep rescuing... till our local city shelter reopens!!! The furry paws and I, and every other volunteer involved directly with Animalsicilia in rescueing, and finding adoptions, is immensely grateful to you. 

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This the original facebook event (with itemized vet expenses listed):

This the pets for whom this fundraising is:





Scimi (the kitty)

by Gabriella Becchina *Animalsicilia*
Ana y Julia, from NYC, and Peppino from Marsala (Sicily) - thank you! The pups and I really appreciate your support. From our hearts to yours: grazie. Gabriella/Animalsicilia





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